About Margaret

Margaret Dulaney has been writing down her thoughts on divine themes since 2000 and recording these musings for Listen Well since 2010. The only expertise she claims is a lifelong love for her subject, a library full of the wisest of thinkers, and a desire to travel beside each listener in like-minded curiosity. Every month she explores such themes as hope, love, forgiveness, kinship with all life and kindness.  Her liturgical influences range from Ralph Waldo Emerson to Lao Tsu to the man who happens to be standing behind her at the checkout counter. She is a self-professed Everythinger, welcoming wisdom wherever she can find it.

Margaret was trained in the theater and eventually wrote plays for many years in New York City before she moved out of the city to pursue nonfiction.

She writes these days from an old stone farmhouse in Buck County Pennsylvania, a home she shares with her musician husband Matt Balitsaris.

Her pieces are recorded at Maggie’s Farm Studio, converted in the nineties to house Balitsaris’s jazz record label Palmetto Records and conveniently located in the barn in their backyard. Each monthly offering is recorded and accompanied by Matt’s guitar compositions.

Margaret has three books available for purchase, Spend Some Love, To Hear The Forest Sing, and The Parables of Sunlight. Please visit the books page for more information.

Margaret’s writings can also be found in various journals, including Parabola Magazine, Thrive Global, Elephant Journal, New Spirit Journal, World Religion News, Day One and Big Muddy. Please visit the News page for links to articles and interviews.