In the summer of 2024, I will be coming out with my new book Whippoorwill Willingly. This is a slight move away from what you might be used to seeing coming from my pen. It is a piece of fiction. In fact, some might consider it a young adult novel, but I think of it more as a guided dream for all ages. I hoped to offer a panacea for what has been disturbing us for the past several years. The book revolves around the adventures of an eleven-year-old girl and is made of gentleness, with a good smattering of hope.

I have always believed in the Muses and have experienced a variety of different voices coming through when I write, depending on the project, but I have rarely felt so very “written through” as with this book.

The first illustration has just arrived from my illustrator and friend Sarah Wunsch. I have deemed it absolutely, divinely perfect for the project. I thought it might be nice to share this with you.